After a lesson with Sarah I feel lifted, energised, happy and grateful. I never really enjoyed yoga until I undertook a course with Sarah. I’ve had a few teachers over the years and always found myself clock watching at some point, but this simply isn’t the case with Sarah. The tempo, clarity of instruction and explanation of what we are achieving is perfect, I understand every pose and the effect it has on my body. Sarah has a very calming aura which is infectious and her sessions are so in tune with her student’s needs everyone benefits. After the lesson ends everyone is just in the same, very happy place. The sessions become more challenging but they are fun and we can all see and feel the benefits of Sarah’s tuition.

Daniel Sapiano

Doing yoga with Sarah has been great! Having the session in the morning makes my day less stressful and helps me focus. The classes are always slightly different and adapted to us. I love it and makes me feel great. 

Diogo Pinheiro

Yoga with Sarah is an absolute treat, a really grounding session and a total de-stress. The structure of each class is well balanced between stretching, strength and core work all to the tune of a perfect playlist!  Her classes are well planned, varied and considerate of the needs of the group. Highly recommended.

Isabella Wakley